I have never been a big Benefit fan, as I just don’t find their products that ingreguing to me. I have however in the past purchased the Hoola bronzer as it was highly sought after. I decided to splurge on this as I heard many good reviews but also many negative.

Yes I’m aware that when you purchase sets, typically the product is not as good as if you were to purchase them individually.

Im sad to say that this product did fall into that category. Not every part of this palette was a miss, but in general seeing the individual boxed blushes compared to the palette version, I was a bit upset over.


There are some pros of this product:

The smell- It has a very floral perfume scent which is nice as a product that smells bad, when it sits on the skin on your face, you’re smelling it all day long. The smell honestly reminds me of an older lady perfume, one that my grandma used to wear. Its not my favourite but I can live with it.

The mirror- The mirror is defiantly a pro of this palette. its large enough so you can see your whole face not just a section of it.

Product- The Hoola bronzer in this palette seems to be the same quality of the individual boxed product that I have.

The product isn’t an all around miss, but each of the items that you do get in this palette are full sized, not travel or sample.

The Cons:

Its a bit upsetting that Coralista and Dandelion are not as pigmented as the Hoola is. One application of these bushes and you can’t even tell. The Hoola on the other hand is very pigmented. I find with these blushes in the palette, there not horrible but you will need to do 2-3 applications to be able to see the product.

Something that struck me as odd was that the whole palette could come out of the box. Where the brush was, all you do is lift the insert out and the whole thing comes right out. Perhaps I just got a bad palette, but It was a big nerve racking to know that the insert of the palette could wiggle around. This is a huge con when thinking about what products to bring with me when I travel. This palette was a good idea in theory, but its a big upsetting as to how it was executed. I would be too nerve racked to bring it with me just to find out because it was wiggling around in my trunk that the powders broke.

The brush- I find that the brush although looks the same as all the other brushes that are in each boxed powder that you can buy individually, this brush lacks pigment pickup as the bristles are hard and not as soft as the other brushes.

I would not recommend this product to a friend, but at the same time I would not return it just for the full sized products. I can live with having to do 2-3 applications before I can see the product. As it is a bit frustrating, the color pay off when you do a few applications is a really nice color. The convince of having 5 powders  from their permanent collection in one palette is brilliant.


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