As over the past year I have fallen into love with Becca’s products, this one I was not so sure about. The packaging is what made me buy this product. It looks identical to Becca’s standard packaging however the color is a rose gold. I thought this was gorgeous. Now, I don’t just buy items for there packaging but this one looked beautiful inside and out.

This product is on the newer side, but I believe has been out for a while due to some of the reviews dating back to March. I recently purchased this product though. Its called Blushed Copper. I’m not completely sure if this is a blush or a highlighter because of all the glitter within but it is defiantly a beautiful color. As I am myself more of a matte blush type of person, there was way to much glitter in this for me. This product does not lack on the pigmentation at all. I feel because of the darkness of the shade, If you had a darker skin tone, this would look beautiful on you. For my NW20 face, this is shade is way too dark and pigmented for me. IMG_0393.JPG


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