About me&Milani

This is my first post in a while so I hope to get some feed back  on it! Sorry for being M.I.A. for a few months. I’ve been going through some major changes in life- all for the better but its been a bit hectic in my life. I’m hoping things will soon calm down.

I have still been on the makeup prowl the past few months so expect quite a few posts coming up in the days and weeks to come!

Kick starting my return to blogging, I’ve decided to share my new found love for Milani Cosmetics with you guys.

kathleen Lights from YouTube has been raving about this brand for a while now. When I finally decided to go buy some of their products I was at a loss as I couldn’t find these products anywhere! Living in Canada this will often make it hard to find drug store products and brands that people from the U.S. talk about as if they are everywhere. Us Canadians have to go out hunting for. I read online that they were available at Walmart so i hit up every Walmart we had in my city to be sadly disappointed. On my next trip to the states, I decided to hunt this baby down. I went to Walmart first thinking that they would have this brand as the Canadian stores were “supposed too”. Once again, I was saddened. Next stop was CVS. As looking through the cosmetics section at the CVS I was just about to give up as it wasn’t on the wall where big name brands such as Covergirl, Maybeline..etc were. As I turned around, on an end display stood the whole Milani Cosmetics line. Now there had been a sale going on, so it was slim pickings however I did manage to make way with a few items.

I purchased a few of the baked blushes and the bigger rose blushes.


Kathleen Lights had been raving about the baked blushes, so which is why I purchased four. I honestly was sadly disappointed. As I have my few beauty gurus who I will grasp on to their every word believing its the honest truth, I found these blushes fell quite short of amazing. There decent. Nothing too special. For drugstore price and brand, there a decent product however I would not go back and purchase more.

I purchased Corallina,Dolce Pink, Luminoso and Rose D’Oro.

Dolce Pink I find because its a light pink with quite a bit of shimmer its a close comparison to NARS Orgasim blush. I find this blush to be a bit more shimmery than Orgasim, but if your looking for a cheap alternative to the NARS, this would cut it. Corallina I find is close in colour to The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in shade Diffused Heat-Vibrant Poppy. As Hourglass I feel is one of the best brands for blushes out there that last and have colour,  nothing can really compare to the product, but once again the colour pay off is quite similar but Hourglass does make a much better product.

For the two rose blushes, I found that they are decent quality. Both of the blushes are nudes, one is more of a lavender pink and the other is more of a dusty rose. The dusty rose shade is called TEA ROSE and the other ROMANTIC ROSE. As these both are very light in colour, I did need to do more than one application on my brush to get the desired quality. I don’t find these are patchy however they do lack pigment. They are a decent quality but not the best. What makes me not reach for them is the fact that I have to do 2-3 applications of putting product on my brush for it to show colour on my skin. For being a drugstore blush, I find the roses are a bit on the pricier side. Although I know it is a drug store product, I find that if anything is over $10 at the drugstore I feel its too much. These blushes were both $9.99.

It saddens me to say, after putting so much effort into finding these blushes I was greatly disappointed with the quality of them. I will not be repurchasing any other products from this line for quite  while as this left a sour taste in my mouth.


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