Maybelline fit me foundation stick

imagePurchasing the maybelline fit me stick, thinking it was simmilar to the other makeup sticks out there on the market, I was honestly greatly depressed by this product. I had such high expectations for it. To start off with, it has a perfect color match i purchased shade 120, which is the same as the liquid foundation that I use from this company. It matched perfectly. The concern I have with this is the formula. It’s not a stick at all. It comes out like a lipstick however is so creamy it falls apart. I rolled it up a bit thinking it would be simmilar to the cover girl concealer stick that I have. It was not. It straight up crumbles apart. Not only the crumbling but it is creamy which is nice because it blends well, however needs to be more firm because it just smears all over the place and comes off in chunks. This isn’t the only problem with this foundation too…

After about two hours of having this product on( I set it with a powder too) it starts to leave leave my face with a shine. It says its oil free, which then I expect it to be mattifying. The foundation breaks up a lot aswell. Even once set with a  powder it sets in any fine lines and creases around my chin, mouth and nose.

This produt was the most disappointing product I’ve bought in a while. I was so excited when I saw this thinking it would be perfect for those early mornings, but it is just a no go.


Anyone else had the problem of the stick being too creamy and falling apart? Not sure if I just got a bad apple in the bunch or if that’s the formula. Please comment below if you have! I’m very interested in hearing your opinions of this product!



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