Tarte Blush

Out of the blushes I purchased within the past month, these are my top 3. All are Amazonian 12-hour clay.

glisten, charisma and dazzled.


Glisten and Charisma are very similar to each other. Both have flecks of gold throughout which is why I’m most attracted to them. As I do like my matte blushes, I also adore shimmers. Charisma is the first picture. Its the darker of the two. It has more of a red base for the undertones in it, while the other Glisten has more of a peachy rose undertone.

Dazzled is a blush that I can safely say is like no other! Its a more nudey blush, but still has a pinkish-purple tone to it. There are some flecks throughout it which make it a shimmer. This is my all time favourite blush by Tarte. I feel as though it didn’t show up as well on my hand, its a perfect blush for summer and spring when you don’t feel like having a lot of makeup on, and just want to accentuate the flushed look on your cheeks.

The packaging is wonderful. You can just use your fingernail and pick the blush right out of the packaging if you want to put it into a Z-palette. The blush stay in the packaging though. They don’t fall out as there being held on by a magnet. The outside of the packaging is absolutely genius as it is the exact same shade as the blush! This makes it so easy when organizing as you can put your more neutral shades together, and scale it from pink to red.

As many companies advertise they are 12 hour lasting or 24 hour lasting, without almost breaking apart on the cheeks and looking patchy,  I would say this by far is the best brand out there for girls with oily skin. The blush doesn’t fade and it lasts all day, literally from 10 am too 3 am… so even more then the time that they advertise it lasting for! If you have oily skin, these are a MUST HAVE for you.


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