Smashbox… An Underrated Company for Eyeshadow

Smashbox is a company that I feel is truly under rated for eye shadows. My very first buy was the Smashbox #shapematters palette. Now, this was meant for the contour kit which is why I purchased it, and for the shadow for my brow. For halloween, a Sephora employee was showing me how to do something  and she pointed me in the way of the Smashbox I want say its called the Artist Palette? It doesn’t say specifically, so thats what were going to call it. This was a bit more on the pricy side that I have spent on a palette, it was around $80 or $90, I can’t remember exactly however, for the amount of shades you get, when you look at how much your getting for the price, its hard to even think about complaining. Many of the shades can double as blushes or highlights too, so its super versatile. IMG_5259.jpg

In my opinion, for every beginner this is the palette you must have or something similar. It gives you shimmers along with mattes and your lustres. This palette is perfect for creating that day time look, along with your smokey eye night out look. I was so happy I snagged this up! I haven’t heard anyone doing reviews on this and by far, its one of the most under rated products out there.

Another product that was only $45, which is why I had to have it is the Smashbox Double exposure palette.IMG_5257

I have only used this palette once, but it is so similar to the NAKE 3 palette. It reminds me of the iconic “Kylie Jenner look”. I love this palette, and truly feel that not much hype was created when it came out for the quality of the products, and especially for the price!

I received the mini Full Exposure as a gift for my birthday, and for the size it is amazing! its the perfect size to slip into a side pocket in my purse and the formula of the shadows does not differ then that of the full size. I find a lot when companies create mini products, there isn’t as much pigmentation in the smaller versions, but that is not the case with Smashbox.IMG_5258


2 thoughts on “Smashbox… An Underrated Company for Eyeshadow

    1. Thanks girl for the love! I’m so glad you love their products too! Everyone goes crazy for super expensive palettes that are 80$+ raving about them but this one particular was like $40 maybe, and is so amazing by far one of my top 5!

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