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Nivea Mens After Shave

All over youtube, the Nivea mens after shave balm has been used as a primer. On the packaging it says its for sensitive skin… Is this true though??

I, myself do not have sensitive skin. Occasionally I will get irritated from a product but that bound to happen from time to time because of the ingredients used. This product Ive seen all over youtube, famous people like Nikki tutorials, Jaclyn hill, and KathleenLights all swear by it, and say  its by far the most inexpensive primer, and works like a dream. I on the other hand did not have this experience.

I took advice from Jaclyn hill as she has sensitive skin and said that Nivea used to make her have an allergic reaction but this product didn’t. Now I on the other hand, have never had an experience like this before and typically speaking do not have sensitive skin.

The days leading up to me trying this product I had maybe one or two pimples here and there, nothing major and not all over my face. Once I used this product my face didn’t burn or anything but as I was washing my face after about 10 hours of wear, my face broke out so bad. Now I immediately thought it was from the beauty blender as I had just started using it. So continuing to use the primer, I stopped in full using the BB and went to using my hands or a brush. I am also not a big fan of brushes so this was a big problem for me. After about a week, my acne didn’t go away, it just worsened. My acne hadn’t been this bad since I was in grade school. I tried everything to make the acne go away. I was washing my face 3 times a day, using a scrub two to three times a week, face masks every few days, moisturizing…. Nothing worked! Finally I realized it was probably because of the primer. Once I stopped using this, it took about 3 days for my skin to start showing a difference but it did. It honestly took about 3 weeks to get better, but then it was that dreaded time of the month, so it got worse again. I was giving up on my skin and didn’t want to leave the house because I didn’t want to wear makeup because my skin looked so bad. About a month and a half later, I still get a few break outs every here and there, but nothing since I started using that product. Perhaps the difference was that I have oily skin, and I feel the majority of “beauty gurus” on YouTube have dry skin??? Not sure why, But I just had a really bad experience with this.

Now, I haven’t seen any negative reviews other than my own anywhere regarding this product. Please leave me a comment if you have had a bad or even good experience with this product. I was so upset because I thought I had found a new product that would change my life (not really, lol) and be something that I could use in replace of spending the $50 to have one that actually works.

I shared my experience on youtube, and I did receive a few messages saying other people had the negative experiences, but not many.

Heres their videos on it:


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