IMG_5181This company was one that I stayed clear of for almost 5 months simply to the fact I purchased the holiday set from Sephora in Oct/Nov of 2015. Honestly, It was the worst thing Ive ever purchased and was so upset I spend $80 on it. When getting my makeup done, I asked the girl for suggestions on other foundations to use, when she suggested the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation I was like “ha, no way!”. I tried it out about two weeks later as I stared at it every day…. dreading it. Once I used it, it became my new best friend and holy grail. If you have oily skin, you NEED this. After I went online and purchased it, along with 14 other blushes because ya know, I needed them…. I got a few other products along with it but NOT the tnrtelette palette as it was eye shadow and my last experience with it I did not want to repeat. After about three weeks, I decided to order the Tartelette 2 palette. I heard mixed reviews from Sephora employees. Some love it, and others hated it… You get that with any product though. I got it a week ago, and it has been the only thing I have used on my eyes since. I have to use primer as my eye lids are so oily, but since theres the amazonian clay in it, It is a dream. The colours are a satin finish, and are buttery. I absolutely love this product! The colour stay is almost 24 hours (I fell asleep with my makeup on). I can’t say anything bad about this palette. It transitions so well from day to night time as theres a few darker colours I can use to add depth to my look. I love this and am defiantly going to purchase Tartelette 1.


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