Gwen Stefani UD Collab.


As Jaclyn Hill from youtube used this palette on one of her looks and I absolutely loved it, I ran out and got the palette for the colour Angel, and I have to say Im not very impressed with it. Its a beautiful palette don’t get me wrong, but the colour stay is just not there. The colour comes off within a few short hours for me as I have oily skin, and this palette just wasn’t worth it. The colours are beautiful when swatched, but I needed to build the colour up a lot in order for it to look like something is there. The colours are beautiful, its just a shame it doesn’t show up well on the skin. Angel, Easy and Hush were the colours that I thought I was going to use every day, but because the colour pay off isn’t that great, Ive only used this palette twice. I find with my brush, I need to saturate it so much with the colour, as the pigmentation in these just aren’t there either. LO-FI would have bee a perfect bronzer if the colour payoff was better.


It really is sad because there was so much hype created around this product, and I feel like this just was a depressing product.

colours are in order from




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