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IMG_5074Strong scents and perfumes seem to annoy me as I always get a headache when I am around someone or am wearing perfume myself. Although this is true, I have found a few that don’t irritate me and have quickly become my favourites.

Nina Ricci- Ive loved this scent since I was in grade school. I never owned a bottle but I used to covet it, and wish I had one. I was at shoppers and I found one on the end display for $20, I couldn’t past that up!After I tried it, I immediately fell in love with it, and it introduced me back into the perfume world. Shortly after I purchased the iconic red apple (the other was a pink frosted glass) and Im glad I did.

YSL- im not super fussy on this one, but I do like the smell… Black Opium by YSL is another one of my go to perfumes. Its not my favourite, but it is one of my top 5.

Juicy Couture- This will probably make me sound adolescent and pre pubescent but Viva la Juicy las probably been my #1 perfume for the past 10 years. Going up, in grade school and high school JC has always been my favourite.

Remember when those velour plush bags with the flight attendant scarf tied around the handle was the “Im cool status” bag? Yep, everyone I knew had one!  Im so happy thats not in style anymore…. they were hideous…haha.

Viva la Juicy is my #1 perfume that I go to any time of day or night. I don’t think I will ever get sick of it.


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