Day · fragrance

Around Town


As strong scents bother me, typically I can’t wear one through the day as walking around, working, going to school or simply doing whatever will give me a headache. For some reason, I can wear strong smells at night but not during the day. This is my all time favourite go to perfume that I wear every day. I go through a bottle in about 6 months, so it lasts a while with wearing it every day and its super cheap to replace online other high end perfumes. Ive gotten so many compliments on this, you wouldn’t believe! For being a body spray this one is defiantly A+. I used to be stuck on Warm Vanilla Sugar, but I wanted a change so I started trying new things. Ive tried so many before as I have about 40 bottles I don’t ever use, but I keep coming back to this one after  about 13 years. If you don’t already have this in your collection, its a must!


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