MAC Eyeshadow Pre-made Palettes


Recently I ventured into the Mac counter at my local mall, and after hearing some really bad things about the 9 shadow palette I decided to try it out for myself. I earlier in the week purchased the three 15 shadow palette as they came out with a new one. Finding that there were really good colours that are good for every day use like carbon and saddle along with a few others I was very impressed with the price and the quality. As they dropped the price to now being $85, this wasn’t an offer I could pass up! The 15 are the same quality as the individual eye shadows as thats exactly what they are…

I got my makeup done for my birthday and the makeup artist used the 9 shadow palette. This made me a bit hesitant but she reassured me that they were the exact same formula and quality. After she used it on me, I looked in the mirror and there wasn’t any patchiness and when swatching the colours on my hand, there as no difference. Yes obviously every colour will be different as they are different kinds of shadow, like Velux, Matte, etc. As for the bad reviews I read online… These people must have just gotten a bad batch because mine along with the stores display were perfectly fine!

The individual refills are now down to $8, instead of $12, and the palettes are reduced from $99 to $85 and $48 to $42 permanantly! I couldn’t be more happy.

If you are looking to buy individual shadows, I would defiantly urge you to take a look at the palettes they have as they are amazing in quality and good on the wallet.!


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