Cargo Cosmetics



After quite a bit of stress from the company, I finally got the products I ordered! I have to say these blushes are quite amazing… I wasn’t expecting them to be so bright in colour for a few, but there not bad. Mendocino is probably my favourite out of all of them, its a pretty pinkish red colour. It looks more of a fall colour, but I love it. There decent sized, pretty large, comparable in size to BECCA’s highlighters/blushes.You get your moneys worth. The only colour I have worn is the Mendocino and the colour stay has been a full 9 hours so far. I work it to work, and at 11 pm at night the colour was still there.

-All blush have a satin finish-IMG_5061

Key Largo- Its defiantly a vibrant pink blush. it almost reminds me of a barbie pink colour with some red undertones.

IMG_5068The Big Easy- A soft pink colour that plays on peach undertones. Works wonderful as a nude blush however because its so sheer, you need to apply a bit more then normal.

IMG_5062Mendocino- This is probably my favourite colour out of the bunch. It is a deep rosy red/pink colour with gold undertones. I found it had a similar texture as the NARS Orgasim blush.

Rome- The colour is similar to Mendocino but has a bit more of a coral/peach base to it. This colour I found was identical to NARS Orgasim. I swatched the two side by side on my hand. The top is Rome and the bottom is Orgasim. The colours are very identical however Orgasim has a bit more of a pink base whereas Rome is more of a peachy colour. Both have gold undertones which make them similar.


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