As I know two of the items above are actually powders, I find that they are thick enough to be a light coverage foundation. In the summer when I don’t like wearing a full face of foundation, taking a kabuki brush and dusting this over my face evens out my skin tone and makes it have that nice summer skin look to it. My all time favourite that I have used since I was in about grade 6 is the MAC powder. Its a very thick powder that can double as a foundation. Its one of my faves that i go back to time and time again.

I started off using Clinique foundation that said it was for acne when I was younger. Honestly the makeup did nothing for me, it dried out my skin so much that in the winter I would actually have flaky dry skin around my mouth while my cheeks and nose were super oily by mid day. What I have actually found out that foundation that says its “good for acne” actually isn’t. Its too harsh on the skin and from my past experiences actually makes you break out more due to it being so drying and chemical filled. Im no dermatologist in any way, thats simply just what I have found.

My first drug store and only drug store foundation I will ever use is the Maybeline fit me. When it first came out, it was simply just the “FIT ME” line. Now they have expanded and have two lines for this. The dry and the oily skin line. Not even realizing this I tried the one for dry skin as it looked similar to the older bottle and i just picked it up and matched it to my skin tone. When I got to using it a few times I realized the formula had changed a bit and this one was actually making my skin more oily. I began looking up reviews on this product and watching video reviews and this is where I realized they had come out with the oily skin line also and I had been grabbing the dry one. I went back to the drug store and got the Maybeline Fit me Matte and Poreless in shade 115 as it was the only one and was way too light. Now I can use this one as a highlighter, but my skin tone is in shade 125 that matches me perfectly in the winter months. Time and time again I get compliments on this foundation as it just looks so natural and not caky in any way.

The Born This Way and Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation are the two newbies that I have recently added into my collection. I found these two as I was wanting just a new foundation that was comparable to the Maybeline one. Now the Born This Way I find is almost a dupe for the Maybeline as it has a bit of a thicker consistency however the coverage and wear is quite the same. I do love the Tarte foundation however only used it a few times so far. The only negative review I can give on this is that you must use a beauty blender to not give you steaks as this is a super thick foundation. It feels light to wear, but when applying it has a much thicker constancy then any of the other foundations.

I tend to use my fingers when I am in a hurry and get lazy, and thats why I am more leaning towards the Maybeline and the TooFaced foundations more.

The Mac foundation is one that I have used since about the time I used the Maybeline foundation  along with the pressed powder back in grade 9. I find this leaves my face with a dewey feeling to it. Now many people like this look and feeling however for us girls who are super oily, this is not something you want at all! I find this foundation wears a lot faster too then the others, even the $8 drug store one. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good foundation and is in my top 4, however its not the one I would reach for when its hot outside or you need long lasting coverage.


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