Everyday Brows

On a day to day basis, these three products are my go to’s and can’t live without’s.


After trying many different products by different brands ( it took me a bit longer to get on the band wagon for Anastasia Beverly hills) I finally found out about this amazing brand. I was a Mac girl, and only used MAC products. I tried brow gels, tints, powders etc.

Once I found out about the Brow Wiz, I honestly fell in love. For me, I have oily skin which makes products want to rub off throughout the day and if touched. I found that with this product, that doesn’t happen that much. And I will say that yes, if they get wet or you literally rub your eye brow it will come off, but other then that your golden for the day. I typically start off using the Brow Wiz to shape out my (non existent) brows. Then I go over them with the powder to fill them in. After over with the Clear Brow Gel to set them, comb over them with a spooly then back over again with some powder. Even though I don’t really need this last step I always find myself doing it subconsciously still.

These three products in combination I feel give you flawless looking brows.


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