Bulletproof Brows


Anastasia Beverly Hills has got me hooked!

I honestly can’t see myself ever venturing onto trying any other brand ever again. Before I knew this brand, I dint focus a lot on my eye brows. It just wasn’t something that i thought could be fixed. I went into MAC one time and walked out with some brow tint gel and a shadow however, these products were probably the worst things I could have ever used on my eye brows. Not that the products themselves were bad, but the brow gel made my eye brows so hard and almost crispy like, and the powder made them look like they had an odd texture. Out of all these products that I own, time after time I find myself doing the same routine. Brow Wiz, powder, brow gel, and powder. As I do love the pomade, I find if I don’t have a solid 20 minutes dedicated to doing my brows it just can become a hot mess. The product is great don’t get me wrong but its not my favourite. When I was matched up at my nearest Sephora they gave me medium brown which I’m typically dark brown in every other product from her. I honestly felt this even was too dark and it made them look super fake. I tried the soft brown and feel this looks 100% better however, I still go over it with my Brow Wiz and Brow Powder Duo both in dark brown. They defiantly do look more natural when I use the pomade but I feel it just takes too much time and Im always in a rush wherever I go so its just not practical for me.

Recently I got the Brow Definer as everyone was raving about it for the past month. If you already have brows then this product will be your #1 friend, however for someone like me who has them very sparse and not even at all, I need something a bit more precise. The Brow Wiz will probably be my go to even with the brow definer being out (and its cheaper).

Last week I got the little marker looking thing at the top. I use it for if I make a mistake of one brow needs correcting to just go over that area, and its wonderful. The only downside to this product is that I am a NW 20/25 at MAC and I grabbed the lightest shade that they had to offer. So anyone with a very fair complexion or skin tone this would probably be too dark for you.


2 thoughts on “Bulletproof Brows

    1. I actually haven’t tried anything from her other then her eye brow line… partly because I can’t swatch anything in my local Sephora as they don’t carry anything other then her brows. Defiantly thinking about ordering though!


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