IMG_4922On a day to day basis, these are the moisturizers that I have found that work the best. I feel that all purity products are wonderful! They are meant for sensitive skin, and although my skin isn’t sensitive it is prone to breakouts. I find this helps more then any other kind if moisturizer out there. The clinique dramatically different (which is in a pump, the one ontop) I find myself reaching for on a daily basis just because its what I have used for the past 9 years. I have very oily skin and some people think that because its so oily you should’nt use a moisturizer, which is completely WRONG! If you do not use a moisturizer, FACT  your skin will actually produce more oil then normally causing the problem to be even worse! I find by using moisturizers that are super creamy it helps with the dry skin I have along with at night, I literally lather my face all up and when i wake up Im actually less oily then normal.


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