Finding the Perfect Scent

When going out, its so hard for me to find a scent that I not only like, but can tolerate too.

I have a very weak stomach, and smells can nauseate me easily. When I go out, I want a perfume that will not only smell nice, but last all through the night. I prefer floral scents as those tend to be a bit weaker in strength and won’t bother me as much.

My all time favourite smell is the Velvet sugar body spray from Bath and Body works. Maybe this sounds a bit adolescent of me to say, but I still would prefer a body spray over a perfume any day. I feel a body spray has a more natural smell to it then a perfume where its a BAM in your face kind of smell. I have used Velvet Sugar along with Sweet Pea and Warm Sugar Vanilla since I was a wee teeny bopper in grade school. After over ten years I still find myself in love with this same smell.


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